Travel to Iran — Now? Ever?

First, I will answer the “ever” question.

None of us like a government that restricts human rights, especially women’s rights. We won’t make excuses for any government that is the cause of suffering and death of the citizens that put them in power and is supposed to serve them. That means any. (Are there any, really?)

As Bahman says, “We cannot change or blame those who do not want to travel to Iran for any reason but can welcome the ones who are willing to come.


YES! We are always carefully watching the situation in Iran related to tourists from inside the country. Bahman further says, “Although nothing in the world can be 100% predicted, like the earthquake in Syria and Turkey, I just want to reassure you that I would have never told you to send any groups had I not made sure of the safety of the tourists traveling inside Iran.”  We did cancel our November trip last year due to the demonstrations and government crackdowns, but I would rather say we postponed the trip.

I am confident that currently and in the near future, we can safely travel to Iran, and we hope you will take this opportunity to travel in security with Bahman as we have done for over 20 years!

Please visit our updated website ( to learn how our Cultural Tours are different and better! Our goal is to promote peace in an interdependent world, and our travelers are citizen diplomats in the respect that they show up!

We have a complete 12-page brochure specific to each trip with detailed information that should answer many of your questions, including visa requirements. The brochures address the Travel Warning that has been in effect for many years. Nothing new there.

The last page is a reservation form. Let’s get your visa started!

You can always reach me by email

Please send a message, and I will attach the pdf of the brochure for you. I will answer all inquiries as quickly as possible.